What Are The Performance Characteristics And Uses of Different Magnetic Materials?

Update:10 Dec 2020

Magnets include ring neodymium magnet, pot magnet and so on. Let's introduce the classification, performance characteristics and uses of magnetic materials:

  1. Ferrite magnetic material: generally refers to the conforming oxide of iron oxide and other metal oxides. Most of them are ferrimagnetic. Features: The resistivity is much higher than that of metal, about 1-10 (12th power) ohm/cm, so the eddy loss and skin effect are small, and it is suitable for high-frequency use. The saturation magnetization is low and it is not suitable for high magnetic density occasions. The Curie temperature is relatively low.
  2. Ferromagnetic materials: refer to materials with ferromagnetism. For example, iron nickel cobalt and its alloys, some rare earth element alloys. Below the Curie temperature, the material has a greater magnetization intensity when external magnetization is applied.
  3. Ferromagnetic materials: refer to materials with ferromagnetic properties, such as various ferrites, which have a greater magnetization strength when the external magnetization is below the Neel temperature.
  4. Permanent magnet material: The magnet is magnetized thick and the external magnetic field is removed. It still has strong magnetism, characterized by high coercivity and large magnetic energy product. It can be divided into aluminum nickel cobalt, rare earth cobalt, neodymium iron boron and so on. Ferrite permanent magnets, for example, barium ferrite, strontium ferrite, other permanent magnets, such as plastic magnets.
  5. Soft magnetic materials: materials that are easy to magnetize and demagnetize. Manganese-zinc ferrite soft magnetic material, its working frequency is between 1K-10M. Nickel-zinc ferrite soft magnetic material, the working frequency is generally 1-300MHZ.
  6. Metal soft magnetic material: Compared with ferrite, it has high saturation magnetic induction and low coercivity, such as engineering pure iron, iron-aluminum alloy, iron-cobalt alloy, iron-nickel alloy, etc., which are often used in transformers.

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