Precautions for Observing The Magnetic Field and Identifying The Magnetic Pole

Update:17 Dec 2020

Generally speaking, the magnetic field of a strong ndfeb magnet is invisible or intangible. This phenomenon also increases the mystery of the magnet and arouses people's curiosity. If you want to imagine abstract magnetic fields and identify magnetic poles, you can use some simple auxiliary tools.

Bar magnets and shoe magnets can be used to demonstrate the formation of surrounding magnetic induction lines and the formation of magnetic induction lines under different conditions where magnetic poles attract or repel each other. It can also prove that magnetic induction lines are formed around the current magnetic field. Generally, plexiglass is used, which is novel and beautiful, the effect is obvious, intuitive, and can be projected.

Shake the demo board gently to make the small needles or small needles in the holes arranged irregularly. Then place the magnet on the demo board and tap the surface of the board lightly to make the small needle piece or the small needle in the hole clearly show the magnetic induction line under the action of the magnetic field. In the teaching of electric current and magnetic field, turn on 6-9 pairs of power supplies, the needles in the hole are arranged irregularly or the small needles have obvious magnetic induction lines. If you change the direction of the current, the same effect will be produced, which leads to the conclusion that there is a magnetic field around a live conductor.

It is also a simple and reliable magnetic field detection device. This unique film suspends tiny nickel particles on a thin layer of viscous material to keep it consistent with the magnetic field. It shows the position and number of poles of the magnet. As long as the magnetic card is placed on the magnet, the magnetic pole will show a dark area. The light green area is the magnetic field. The magnetic display card can help us determine the exact position of the magnetic pole, the number of magnetic poles, and it is easy to find the "hidden" magnetic field.

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