What Are The Ways to Demagnetize Strong Magnets?

Update:03 Dec 2020

Powerful magnets refer to neodymium iron boron magnets,strong ndfeb magnet is also one kind. Strong magnets can be magnetized and demagnetized, because the magnet itself is more or more magnetic, so we can formulate a certain method of demagnetization according to the use of strong magnets.

1. High temperature demagnetization method:

The main operation of the high-temperature demagnetization method is to throw the magnet into a high-temperature furnace for heating. After high-temperature treatment, the magnetism of the strong magnet will be removed, but the high temperature will directly cause the structure of the object inside the magnet during the heating process. Great changes have occurred, so this demagnetization method is generally used for scrapped and recycled magnets.

2. Vibration demagnetization method:

The operation of this method is very simple. It is to vibrate the strong magnet strongly and intensely. After the vibration operation, the internal structure of the magnet is changed, thereby changing the physical properties of the magnet. Generally speaking, the effect of this demagnetization method is adopted. Not big, only a small amount of demagnetization can be used temporarily.

3. Magnet AC demagnetization method:

This demagnetization method is to put the magnet into a space that can generate an AC magnetic field. After the interference of the AC magnetic field, the internal structure of the magnet will be disrupted, so that the effect of demagnetization can be achieved. This method is more common. Demagnetization method.

The above three methods are effective for the demagnetization of powerful magnets, but in normal times, we still have to choose the AC demagnetization method, which has a better effect than the high temperature demagnetization method and the vibration demagnetization method.

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