Safe Use of Badge Magnet

Update:07 Apr 2021

Want to buy name tags for your company’s employees? Make sure to get a sustainable name badge and provide employees with a quick and convenient way to identify themselves to customers and customers. Badge magnet is by far the most popular style.
Among the many brand-name fastener fasteners we provide, magnets are most suitable for wearing professional clothing because they will not leave holes or tears like traditional pins. If you want to ensure that employees wear name tags that will not be lost, these magnets can provide important protection for all types of clothing.
Here are the most frequently asked questions about our badge magnets:
How does the badge magnet work?
After using our design tool to design your name badge, please select magnet as your support type.
Depending on your choice, the metal strip is firmly coated on the back of the plastic or metal name tag with a durable adhesive. These are very convenient and can be easily switched and used without leaving holes in the clothes. The blue plastic strip with 3 powerful magnets can attach the name badge to all types of clothes, whether it is a thin business shirt or a wool suit jacket.
Are badge magnets harmful?
Magnets are potentially harmful, yes. The blue plastic strip containing 3 round magnets has the warning to remind anyone with a pacemaker not to use magnets. "Warning-magnetic equipment, do not use it with pacemakers." If you are responsible for ordering name tags for office workers, be sure to pay attention to employees who have pacemakers.
What happens when you put a magnet on the pacemaker?
It is well known that magnets can interfere with pacemakers and suppress the treatment of arrhythmia. Magnets are not recommended for people with pacemakers. Please consult your doctor before using magnetic equipment. Find more information about magnets and pacemakers here.
Will magnets harm the computer?
When the magnet is close to the computer's hard drive, its magnetic field can damage the hard drive and destroy its contents. Badge magnets are generally safe and do not come into close contact with the computer hard drive.
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