Benefits of Choosing Magnetic Name Badge

Update:14 Apr 2021

Still worrying about wearing badges and always poke holes in your clothes? Do you always poke your fingers? Try a magnetic name badge to help you solve these problems.

1. Pin fixation can firmly fix your badge in one position.

This advantage makes name tags very popular.

2. Securely and clearly fixed on the collar or pocket.

The name tag will provide an obvious and simple elegant decoration, and can also avoid forgetting the name or title.

3. No longer hang tedious ribbons around the neck.

The badge will not hook anything like a ribbon, nor will it cause troublesome situations such as damage or loss of the pass.

4. Magnetic fasteners will not damage delicate clothes.

The easy-to-use badge magnet will not damage your expensive clothes, and you no longer need to worry about holes and tears caused by pins and clips.

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