Reasons for the Popularity of Magnetic Badges

Update:28 Aug 2020

The use of Badge Magnets in our daily lives is very common. Our previous "three good student cards" pin badges will gradually fade out of our lives. In most cases, the magnetic badge still exists. It is most used in offices, hotels, restaurants, etc., and is often used as a location sign. Pin badges have the following inconveniences. First of all, it is inconvenient to wear. Needle type needs to wear clothes to fix the position. Rusty pins will damage clothes and rust stains. It is difficult to clean white clothes. Because the new magnetic badges are mostly beautiful in appearance, and the materials are acrylic, luminous plastic, aluminum, etc., everyone likes to wear this badge. Today's strong magnets have a great attraction. So the badge is fixed on the clothes, very strong and will not slip off easily.

First of all, the magnetic badge adopts the principle of magnetism, which can avoid the damage of ordinary badge products and the side effects of skin irritation when worn. Safe and convenient to prevent general accidents.

The magnetic badge allows you to print on paper yourself. It can be replaced by itself without any restrictions. When using the magnet badge badge, please remove the magnet on the back and place it on the inside of your clothes. At the same time, put the surface of the card on the outside of the clothes. To make it natural, the company's magnetic badge uses a new magnetic design to protect clothing and skin, making it safe and portable.

Second, office magnets, which are used in all aspects of life, such as opening and closing of many backpacks, the adsorption design on the pencil case, and the switch design of some diaries. The magnet is reasonably priced under the same magnetic force and can be customized according to customer requirements .

The use of office magnets requires care to reduce collisions and avoid heating to prevent magnets from demagnetizing. Do not let magnets close to objects that are afraid of magnetism: such as mechanical watches, monitors, etc. Pay special attention to the magnet not to be close to all kinds of magnetic cards! A slight negligence will lead to huge losses. When using or storing the magnet, please avoid corrosive gas containing electromagnet, high conductivity environment, acidic environment of Office Magnet fixing plate and organic solvent. Otherwise it will cause the magnet to corrode and weaken the magnetic performance and mechanical strength.