Application of Magnetic Disk in Daily Life

Update:31 Aug 2020
  1. Electromagnetic crane: Electromagnet has many applications in practice. The most direct application is electromagnetic cranes. The Magnetic Disk push pin installs the electromagnet on the crane. After power on, pull out a large amount of steel, move it to another location, cut off the current, and then put the steel down. Large electromagnetic cranes can lift several tons of steel at the same time.
  2. Electromagnetic relay: Electromagnetic relay is an automatic switch controlled by electromagnet. The use of electromagnetic relay can control high voltage and high current, has low voltage and low current, and can be used for long-distance operation. What are the applications of magnetic Diskmagnets in life?
  3. The circuit is closed, the electromagnet attracts the elastic sheet, and the hammer moves toward the iron bell. The hammer struck the iron bell and made a sound. At the same time, the circuit is disconnected, the electromagnet is not magnetic, and the hammer bounces back. The circuit is closed. The ringtone repeatedly emits a continuous ringtone.
  4. Electromagnetic concentrator: The electromagnetic concentrator is manufactured based on the principle that magnets are attractive to iron ore. When the electromagnetic concentrator works, iron sand will fall into the B tank. During the descent of the ore, the non-ferrous metal ore will not be attracted by the electromagnet when it passes through the electromagnet. The strong magnet pushpin directly falls into the A box due to gravity; the iron ore can be attracted by the electromagnet, adsorbed on the drum and connected with the drum Rotate together. When the magnet is placed above Box B, the electromagnet has very little attraction to the ore, so the ore falls into Box B due to gravity.
  5. Maglev train: Maglev train is a high-speed magnetic levitation train system that uses non-contact electromagnetic levitation, guidance and drive systems. It can reach more than 500 kilometers per hour. It is the fastest ground passenger vehicle in the world. It has the advantages of fast speed, strong climbing ability, low energy consumption, low operating noise, safety and comfort, no fuel, and less pollution. It uses elevated roads and occupies very little arable land. Maglev trains mean that these trains use the basic principles of magnetism to float on the track instead of the old steel and train trains. Magnetic levitation technology uses electromagnetic force to lift the entire train carriage, get rid of annoying friction and unpleasant buzzing, and achieve fast "flying" without touching the ground and without fuel.
  6. Speaker: A speaker is a device that converts electrical signals into acoustic signals. It is mainly composed of fixed permanent magnets, colored plastic magnetic pin coils and cones. When sound passes through the coil in the speaker in the form of audio current, the magnetic field generated by the magnet on the speaker will exert a force on the coil, and the coil will vibrate at different frequencies due to the change. The current intensity drives the paper cone to emit sounds of different frequencies and intensities. The cone transmits vibration through the air, so we hear the sound.
  7. Household appliances: Electromagnets can be used in refrigerators and vacuum cleaners. Electromagnets are also used in motors, generators and electromagnetic relays. The inlet and outlet valves of the fully automatic washing machine and the induction flush valve in the bathroom are also controlled by Magnetic Ring Manufacturers.