What are the Steps to Rroduce Neodymium Ring Magnet?

Update:20 Oct 2021

A question that many customers ask before placing an order for neodymium ring magnets is, how many days does it take for your bulky goods to be delivered? Next, we will introduce the production cycle and time-consuming process of the neodymium ring magnets.

What are the steps required to produce ring neodymium magnets?

The first is the preparation of materials. It takes at least one day to purchase raw materials and inspect whether they are qualified.

The second is punching. Use a punching machine to punch the inner holes of the blanks that have passed the inspection. Metal punching progress is slow. If it is a countersunk hole, there is one more process, which is to punch the straight hole first and then the counter hole.

The third is slicing. After punching, the blank is put into a slicer for slices.

The fourth is chamfering. The cut black pieces are chamfered into the chamfering machine (no electroplating is possible without chamfering, or the electroplated surface is easy to fall off).

The fifth is electroplating. The finished product will be sent to the electroplating factory for electroplating.

The sixth is magnetization and packaging.

I believe that after reading it, you will have a certain understanding of a cycle of neodymium ring magnets production. Ningbo Tengxiao Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. not only has neodymium ring magnets, but also custom industrial magnets and other products. Welcome customers at home and abroad to come to discuss cooperation.