Types and Functions of Office Magnets

Update:14 Aug 2020

There are many types of Office Magnet, mainly not including magnetic bald, magnetic clips, magnetic badges, etc.

  1. Magnetic thumbtacks

Magnetic thumbtacks are usually a neodymium iron boron magnet mounted in a plastic or iron part. Although the size of the office magnet is small, it has a strong adsorption force. The size and color of the magnetic thumbtacks are different. The plastic shell is generally environmentally friendly plastic such as ABS or PC, and the magnet is generally the strongest neodymium iron boron magnet. Magnetic thumbtacks are an important tool for offices and homes. With office magnets, photos, notes, flowcharts, route maps, restaurant orders and other documents can be easily fixed on metal surfaces such as refrigerators, file cabinets, magnetic boards, drawers, etc.

  1. Magnetic clip

The magnetic clip is a neodymium-iron-boron strong magnet installed behind the ordinary clip, which is convenient to fix paper, sticky notes, etc. on the refrigerator or any iron-containing surface. It is a new type of promotional item. Magnetic clips are very common in offices and schools, and are gradually becoming popular in family life. They can be used to seal bags, or they can be used to suck sticky notes on the refrigerator for easy viewing by family members.

Magnetic clips come in many different shapes, colors and sizes, and the company name or trademark can be printed on them. Whenever someone uses a magnetic clip to clip paper, they will see the company's name or trademark. Even when not in use, the company's name and trademark on the clip are always shown to people. Therefore, the magnetic clip is an excellent promotional item.

  1. Magnet badge

The magnetic badge consists of two parts. The outer layer is a nickel-plated iron sheet with double-sided foam tape. After tearing off the release paper on the double-sided tape, you can attach business cards, jewelry, and other things you want to fix on the clothes. Nickel-plated iron sheet. The inside is a nickel-plated iron sheet with two to three magnets, and the outside of the nickel-plated iron sheet can also be covered with plastic.

Magnetic badges can be used to fix business cards or badges on clothes without damaging them. The magnetic badge is composed of strong magnet and nickel-plated iron sheet. You can fix your business card or badge on your shirt or suit without pins or clips. Badge Magnets are strong in magnetism, do not damage clothes, and can be reused. They are very suitable for expensive suits or clothes.