Factors Affecting the Magnetic Properties of Magnetic Hooks

Update:10 Aug 2020

Magnetic Hook are also called "magnetic hooks", which generally consist of an iron shell and a magnetic steel to form a magnetic circuit to form a strong magnetic force. This kind of hook has a simple structure and is more convenient to install and use. In addition, the size of the hook can be customized according to the actual application, and its bearing capacity is large, which has important practical value.

First, the magnetic hook has the characteristics of strong magnetic force and small size; secondly, the strong magnetic force of the magnetic hook is concentrated on only one side, the other three sides are almost non-magnetic, and the magnet is not easy to break; third, the magnetic hook is extremely magnetic, and the magnetic force is the same volume Several times the magnet; fourth, the magnetic hook can freely hold or move on the surface of the ferrous metal; finally, the magnetic force of the magnetic hook is permanent and the service life is extremely long.

Now magnetic hooks are widely used in industry, medical and life fields. When using a magnetic hook, it is hoped that it exhibits very good magnetism and can withstand the gravity of heavier objects.

So before using the magnetic hook, Xinyu understands what factors will affect the magnetism of the magnetic hook.

  1. The magnetism of the hook itself.

Magnetic hooks use their own magnetism to perform their functions during application. Therefore, the magnetism of the hook itself will inevitably directly affect its application effect. Generally speaking, the application of a very good magnetic hook The effect will be better.

  1. The installation effect of the hook.

If the user does not treat the mounting surface very clean and flat when installing the magnetic hook, then it usually cannot achieve the stable installation effect as it should. Unstable installation will directly cause the hook to play out during application. The function is poor. Therefore, the installation effect of the hook will have a very direct influence on its application effect.

  1. Gravity bearing.

When Magnetic Ring Manufacturers using a magnetic hook, the hanging objects cause excessive gravity load on it, and the hook will inevitably fall off. Therefore, the gravity that the hook bears will also have a direct impact on its application effect.