The Relationship Between Permanent Magnets and Our Lives

Update:26 May 2021

Permanent magnets are unique components in the energy conversion process. They usually operate in a dynamic cycle, in which energy is converted from electrical or mechanical form to field energy, and then back to its original form.

This process is crucial because permanent magnets are part of almost all the most important products in our lives. With the emergence of new methods of manufacturing permanent magnets and new markets driving demand for better magnets, permanent magnets have begun to change.

As mentioned earlier, permanent magnets are almost all products we use. In this way, it is difficult to accurately describe the entire range of changes to be made to the new permanent magnet function.

For example, the ability to manufacture permanent magnets of almost any shape has led to new features for high power density motors. Although it has several different applications on its own, one of the most famous applications is in transportation applications.

The efficiency of electric vehicles is highly dependent on the weight of the vehicle. Permanent magnets produced through additive manufacturing-with a power-intensive design-can allow light electric vehicles to travel, thereby significantly increasing their efficiency.

There are many other applications that can significantly improve the potential of permanent magnets through additive manufacturing. The latest developments in permanent magnets will have a wide range of effects.

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