The Potential of Permanent Magnets

Update:03 Jun 2021

Permanent magnets are unique components in the energy conversion process. They usually operate in a dynamic cycle, in which energy is converted from electrical or mechanical form to field energy, and then back to its original form.

As mentioned, permanent magnets are in nearly all the products we use. In that way, it’s difficult to accurately describe the entire scope of changes new permanent magnet capabilities will make.

For example, the ability to manufacture permanent magnets in virtually any shape leads to new capabilities in highly power-dense electrical machines. While this in itself has several different applications, one of the most notable is in transport applications.

Efficiency in electric vehicles is highly dependent on the weight of the vehicle. Permanent magnets produced through additive manufacturing – with their power-dense design – enable lighter electric vehicles, significantly improving their efficiency.

There are many other applications that have the potential to be dramatically improved through the additive manufacturing of permanent magnets. Recent advancements in permanent magnets will have widespread effects.

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