The Production Cycle of Circular NdFeB Magnets

Update:07 Sep 2020

Ring Neodymium Magnet boron magnets, also called perforated magnets, strong magnetic rings, are a kind of magnet that is widely used. In daily life, such strong ring magnets may be rare, because they are mainly used in industry For parts in the machinery and electronics industries, it is easier to see ferrite ring magnets, which are the black ring magnets on the audio speakers we played when we were young.

Many people think that there is only one kind of ring magnet, that is, with holes or perforations in the middle. In fact, the ring magnets are also made into a variety of styles due to the different needs of customers.

Most of the ring-shaped NdFeB magnets are magnetized axially, that is, the two end faces are strong magnetic surfaces. A small number of customers will also use radial magnetization. According to experience, generally the height dimension is larger than the diameter for radial magnetization. There are many magnets, which are often used in motors and automation equipment.

The first is to prepare materials. It takes at least 1 day to purchase raw materials and inspect whether they are qualified.

The second is punching. Use a punching machine to punch the inner hole of the qualified blank. Metal punching progress is slow, and it takes 2 days. If it is a countersunk hole, there is one more process, which is to punch the straight hole first and then the counter hole.

The third is slicing. After punching, the blank is put into a slicer for slices. It takes 5 days for 10,000 magnets to be in a hurry. The fourth is chamfering. The cut black pieces are chamfered into the chamfering machine (no electroplating without chamfering, or the electroplated surface is easy to fall off). Need 1 day

The fifth is electroplating. The finished product will be sent out to the electroplating factory for electroplating, which will take 2 days.

The sixth is magnetization and packaging. About 1 day.

That is to say, it takes 10-12 days for normal disc magnets, 12-15 days for discs to punch holes, and 10-12 days for squares because Strong NdFeB Magnet takes 3 cuts to form.