The Main Applications of Magnetic Components

Update:28 Oct 2020

Seeing the colorful magnets on the plate, will you be moved? There are many magnets you come into contact with every day. Generally, what is the magnetic field generated by a magnet, and the number, so we will decorate the magnet with a layer of colored magnets to attract people's attention. Therefore, in each room or a certain device, we usually use colored magnets. Color magnets are mainly used to absorb dust.

Making lime, stone powder, etc. can also make grapes grow faster, but most of the lime blended has no water. For example, the ratio of carbon to nitrogen in lime is very low, and it will interfere with the development of grapes and lead to poor quality. Therefore, when wearing a limer, you should also pay attention to the use of lime products, so that it is used in conjunction with disinfectants, and do not blindly use a limer to scrape off pests.

Among them, low-resistance metal chromium metal coating, small connection nickel-nickel salt coating, etc. can be cast, but low-resistance metal chromium metal coating equipment is corrosive, and the above types of equipment need to be electrolytically acidified before production. If the stability of the electroplating equipment is not good, aluminum tripolyphosphate and lithium salt-based tape can be directly coated on the flux coating. Currently high current density.

One point of leather goods purchase is to value quality, which is also an important criterion for buying branded leather goods. According to public data, when purchasing leather goods in my country, at least two-fifths of them are purchased under the name of related manufacturers, and the sales of branded leather goods are even far more than this one-fifth. Therefore, when purchasing leather goods, you should listen carefully to the "analysis" of professional leather goods salespersons, and find and solve problems in time.

Magnetic Components are mainly used in the attachment and installation of electrical connection bolts in steel structure engineering. When steel structure external parts and accessories are prone to form dirt or are prone to moisture, they can make full use of their gas cleaning capabilities for cleaning.

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