How to Reduce Iron Loss of Iron Powder Core Magnetic Ring?

Update:14 Oct 2020

How to increase the internal resistance of the iron powder core magnetic ring and reduce the iron loss of the iron powder core magnetic ring?

Electronic magnetic ring ferrite material has excellent high frequency characteristics, but due to its low saturation magnetic flux density, it cannot be used as a ferrosilicon magnetic ring for high-power devices. The powder magnetic core material has excellent high frequency characteristics and high magnetic flux density, and can be widely used in areas where electrical steel and ferrite cannot be used. This material is formed by a mold, can be made into a variety of complex shapes, and has features such as workability.

In order to select a better surfactant during the insulation treatment process composed of mixing and drying to completely insulate the iron powder, the electronic magnetic ring manufacturer adds the water-soluble insulation treatment solution to the iron powder and uses a special mixer for mixing . At this time, since the types of surfactants added to the insulation treatment solution are different, the difference in intrinsic resistance can be found. By choosing a surfactant with a lower contact angle, a higher inherent resistance can be obtained, which has been fully verified by experiments.

When the rust inhibitor is added to the solution, the density and the intrinsic resistance value show low values ​​when the rust inhibitor is not added. When the amount of the rust inhibitor is a certain value, the inherent resistance is larger, and the density also increases. The above experimental results show that it is effective to select a better surfactant and add a rust inhibitor to form a uniform insulating film on the surface of the powder core.

The price of electronic magnetic ring is reasonable. The magnetic ring of iron powder magnetic core has temperature stability. The metal powder and electromagnetic plate have the same composition and have good temperature stability. Epoxy resin is also a material with good stability. The composite material was tested at 155°C for 1000 hours, and no material performance degradation was found.

The iron powder core is round and noisy. Because the magnetic composite material has a large structural damping to the machine, the iron core is noisy. The toroidal ferrite core reactor is used and the magnetic composite reactor has the same size, shape and inductance. Compared with the noise characteristics, under the sine wave voltage of 500 Hz~20 KHZ, the noise of using the magnetic composite reactor is reduced by 10 db.

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