Talking about The Use of Strong NdFeB Magnet

Update:18 Nov 2020

Talk about the use of our customers after ordering Strong NdFeB Magnet, because there are still some ways to increase production capacity and scrap rate.

Because of Strong NdFeB Magnet's super magnetism and cost-effectiveness, many industries have begun to use magnetism to solve some of the structures and functions in their products. Strong NdFeB Magnet has strong magnetism, so how can it be easier to separate the magnet? First of all, you can't use brute force to open it, but use the way of horizontal push and translation, so that the magnet can be separated most easily. So when separating the magnet, use clever force to translate the magnet.

Strong NdFeB Magnet has strong magnetism, and the material is brittle. If it suddenly collides with each other during use, the magnet will break easily. Because of the particularity of the material, it is not a product quality problem. When using magnets, we should avoid sudden collisions of magnets.

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