How can I Buy High-Quality Strong Magnetic Office Supplies?

Update:11 Nov 2020

At present, the sales competition of strong Magnetic Office Supplies in the market is becoming more and more intense. In order to obtain a better competitive advantage in the market, many magnet manufacturers will use inferior raw materials to reduce costs. Therefore, when buying a strong magnet, we must know how to distinguish the quality of the strong magnet so that we can buy a relatively high-quality strong magnet.

Identification method:

To judge the quality of a strong magnet, it is mainly analyzed from two angles: product performance and product appearance.

Appearance of strong magnet:

The appearance inspection of strong magnets mainly includes five categories:  

1. Are there any scratches on the magnet magnet appearance (including scratches, line marks, knife marks, etc.)

2. Is there any pits on the magnet surface (including pits, pitted surface, bubbles, scars, slag layer, local over-thickness, plating tumors)  

3. Are there cracks on the magnet surface (including cracks, cracks, etc.) 

4. Is there any knock on the surface of the magnet (including knock, chipping, material residue)  

5. Whether there are blisters on the surface of the magnet (including blisters, pores, pinholes, particles, etc.)  In general, it is to see whether the magnet has missing edges or corners, whether the electroplating layer is intact, and whether the size meets the design requirements; NdFeB generally has Electroplating layer to protect it from corrosion and rust. Under normal circumstances, the magnet of the same specification is placed on a surface that can be absorbed, and the magnetic force can also be easily distinguished by hand.

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