Reasons for Setting Magnetic Ring in Digital Equipment

Update:27 Feb 2021

The magnetic ring is an anti-interference electronic component made of ferrite material. The digital device transmission line has a cylindrical thing called the magnetic ring. Its function is to suppress high-frequency interference signals, so it is like a low pass filter that allows signals below the cut-off frequency to pass and suppresses absorption for high-frequency signals.

The motherboard, CPU, power supply, and IDE data cable in the computer case all work at a very high frequency, so there are a lot of stray electromagnetic interference signals in the case, and the signal strength is several times that of the outside of the case.

USB cables without magnetic loops are not shielded in this space, then these USB cables become good antennas to receive various messy high-frequency signals in the surrounding environment, and these signals are superimposed on the originally transmitted signals. It may even change the useful signal originally transmitted, which is prone to problems.

Different magnetic rings have different impedance characteristics at different frequencies. Generally, the impedance is very small at low frequencies. When the signal frequency increases, the impedance of the magnetic ring increases sharply. It can pass the normally useful signals well, and can well suppress the passage of high-frequency interference signals, and the cost is low.

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