Interesting Facts About Magnets

Update:09 Mar 2021

Today we will share some interesting facts about magnets.

1. How many types of magnets are there?

Classified by composition: neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets, cobalt magnets, alnico magnets, and iron-chromium cobalt magnets.

Classified by shape: round magnet, square magnet, tile magnet, special-shaped magnet, cylindrical magnet, etc.

2. Which type of magnet has the best magnetic performance?

The answer is neodymium magnets, which belong to the third generation of rare-earth permanent magnets, also known as powerful magnets or the king of magnets.

3. What is the maximum operating temperature of the magnet?

The maximum working temperature of different magnets is different. Generally speaking, the maximum working temperature of a magnet refers to a certain temperature, beyond which irreversible magnetic loss of the magnet will occur.

The maximum working temperature of ferrite magnet is 450℃, NdFeB magnet is 310℃, Sa cobalt magnet is 750℃, and AlNiCo magnet is 850℃.

4. How long is the service life of permanent magnets?

In theory, the service life of permanent magnets is permanent. But in fact, its service life will vary with different working environments.

There are two main factors that affect the life of the magnet: corrosion and demagnetization. Like neodymium magnets, they are easily corroded. Therefore, electroplating and surface anti-corrosion treatment must be carried out. If there is no anti-corrosion treatment, they may quickly oxidize or even turn into powder.

Another influencing factor is demagnetization. After the permanent magnet is demagnetized, its service life will be affected. Even if re-magnetized, the previous performance may not be achieved.

5. What are the commonly used processing techniques for magnets?

Common processing methods for magnets include wire cutting, grinding, chamfering, electroplating, stamping, and so on.

6. What material is the magnet made of?

There are many types of magnets, and different types of magnets are made of different materials.

Ordinary ferrite magnets are mainly composed of Fe3O4, and neodymium magnets are mainly composed of neodymium, iron, boron, and other rare earth metals (such as y (Dy) and ase (Pr)). The main components of mar cobalt magnets are rare earth sa, cobalt, iron, copper, and zirconium. Alnico permanent magnets are alloys composed of metal aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, and other trace metal elements.

7. What are the uses of permanent magnets?

Permanent magnets are widely used, such as permanent magnet motors, sensors, speakers, generators, magnetotherapy, hardware toys, etc.

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