Magnetic Name Badge Manufacturer Introduces The Difference Between Strong Magnets And Ordinary Magnets

Update:25 Jan 2021

Speaking of magnets, I’m familiar with them all at home, they can attract irons, but magnets weren’t invented by humans. With the progress of society, all kinds of magnets have been discovered. The following Magnetic Name Badge  Manufacturer introduces the difference between strong magnets and different magnets.


1. Powerful magnet. Just look at the name and you will know that the preferred magnetic force is greater than that of ordinary magnets. However, no matter whether the strong magnet or the ordinary magnet, its magnetic poles will not change. We use technical means to make the same magnet with many poles. That is, the magnet has several N poles and corresponding Sproles.


2. Ordinary magnets are generally affected by the outside world to weaken their magnetism. For example, temperature changes and other magnetic fields will also affect the magnetism. However, different magnets will be affected differently, and the situation will be different, but if it is If the demagnetized magnet wants to become magnetic again, the magnet must be re-magnetized. Then there is a powerful magnet. A powerful magnet is a metal magnet. After being magnetized, the magnetic force becomes stronger and becomes a powerful magnet.