Badge Magnets Manufacturer Introduces Why Magnets Demagnetize

Update:19 Jan 2021

Magnets often experience the weakening or disappearance of magnetic force during use. This situation often occurs. Badge Magnets  manufacturer summarizes the reasons for magnet demagnetization as follows:


1. There are too many impurities in magnetic materials, resulting in weak magnetism. High-quality magnets generally have a longer lifespan. In the case of inferior magnets, since the material is not very pure, demagnetization will occur after a period of use.


2. Impact will cause magnet demagnetization, such as high-frequency impact, etc. Be very careful about transportation.


3. The magnet is demagnetized or demagnetized after injection. The injection molding temperature is basically above 120°C. Therefore, a short injection of 2 to 3 seconds may cause partial demagnetization.


4. The magnet is demagnetized after hot pressing, and the glass fiberboard is often used for hot pressing at a temperature above 150°C.


5. After baking in the oven, the magnet is demagnetized.


6 In a strong magnetic field environment, the strength of the test magnet itself disappears, or the N/S pole changes.