The magnet application industry has full coverage and the market prospect is very broad!

Update:13 Mar 2020

No industry is more than auto parts. Electromagnets can be used in various parts of HID car xenon headlights, car retractable lights, car power converters, car exhaust boxes, car shifters, car solenoid valves, car back box locks, belt locks and so on.
We can see from the above that although the electromagnet is small, it has a wide range of uses. It is not only widely used in traditional industrial industries and various industry fields, but also indispensable in our daily work and life. To prevent damage to clothing, avoid using traditional clips or pin-type badges to damage clothing, leaving holes. The magnetic badge is easy to use. It uses a two-piece combination of a strong neodymium iron boron magnet and a metal adhesive plate to provide proper holding power to adapt to various fabric thicknesses. And provide a variety of style options, just stick the sticky plate on the back of the badge, and put the corresponding magnet plate on the inside of the garment to form an effective magnetic badge!