Explore the importance of smart manufacturing to the development of the magnetic device industry

Update:04 Aug 2016

Increased demand for visual inspection

Enterprises want to pursue intelligent factories and unmanned factories. They just replace all manual operations with machines. Under this demand, more and more traditional processes are replaced by intelligent upgrades, such as visual inspection.

Industry 4.0 is inseparable from intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from machine vision. With the development of modern industrial automation, machine vision inspection is widely used in various inspections, measurements and parts identification, such as the continuous mass production of magnetic material appearance defect detection, products with very high requirements on appearance quality Visual inspection is becoming more important.

In the past, this kind of highly repetitive work was completed by manual inspection, which added huge labor costs and management costs to the factory, and could not guarantee a 100% inspection pass rate.

Communication scholar McLuhan once pointed out that "the medium is an extension of man". For automated equipment, it is not an extension of humans, machine vision detection is an extension of human vision on the machine, and a fully automated winding machine is an extension of human limbs on the machine.

In addition to the inspection requirements for the appearance defects of magnetic materials, the inspection requirements for the appearance of miniature magnetic components are also indispensable. In recent years, under the extreme pursuit of light, thin, short, small and other characteristics of consumer electronics products, the need for miniature integrated molding inductors (Molding Choke) is increasing. Dr. Qian Xiaolong, the head of the molded inductor project, and his colleagues estimate that they will continue to grow by 20-30% annually in the future.

The machine vision inspection with integrated 3D camera can replace these manual and repetitive procedures with its automatic, objective, non-contact and high-precision features. Its accuracy and speed as well as the reliability in industrial field environments are greatly improved. Promote. It has a unique role in improving the pass rate of magnetic cores, integrally molded inductors and other products, fundamentally ensuring product quality and saving costs. Zhang Jiangbo, general manager of Gaodong Electronics, an automation equipment factory, told reporters that they are currently pushing the integrated inductor automatic production equipment to the market.