What factors affect the attraction of magnets

Update:21 Sep 2020

Theoretically speaking, the magnetic field of a piece of Magnetic Steel is infinite. The conventional attraction refers to a sufficiently large attractive force. As for how much is large enough, it depends on the standards of many factors.

According to conventional magnets, strong magnets are also commonly known as permanent magnets, and their professional name is rare earth neodymium iron boron magnets. They are made of a kind of rare metal doped with other metal materials that are unique in China. Strong, high performance, electroplatable, it is made of a mixture of more than ten kinds of materials, and the size of the magnetic force is produced by the ratio of these key materials.

The attractive force of a strong magnet is also restricted by many external conditions, such as the use occasion, temperature, humidity and other factors will continuously lose the attractive force of the strong magnet for a long time. The installation method is also a very important factor. Powerful magnets of the same size, because of different grades, have different adsorption capabilities for the same object. In addition, for magnets of the same size, the magnitude of the actually tested suction for the same object on the front side and on the side is different. The size of the vertical suction and the horizontal suction are different. Therefore, if you want to know and buy a really suitable strong magnet product, you still need to go to a regular factory to buy it, so as to ensure the stability of the material and the correct reference basis for the suction force.

The industry has been discussing the retention of the magnetic properties of powerful magnets for many years. Due to the wide variety of environments and methods of use of powerful magnets, under normal circumstances, the attractive force of powerful magnets will not be affected by the outside world. It is a permanent magnet, but for the use of special envoys, such as salt spray and corrosion resistance, it will cause very large external damage to the strong magnet itself, so the magnetic force will definitely be affected, and the magnetism will be affected over time. Loss will inevitably occur. Therefore, in a special environment, it is necessary to select raw materials suitable for the special environment and suitable electroplating protection, so as to ensure the Permanent Magnet Components attraction of the magnet product.