Use Countersunk Magnets to Make Life Easier

Update:12 Nov 2021

You may be more familiar with countersunk magnets than you think. These ring magnets look like washers with a raised surface and a hole in the middle. There are wedges and holes, so a countersunk magnet (also called a countersunk magnet) can be anchored in place with a single screw.

We provide you with several ways to use countersunk magnets, which can make everything around the house easier.

Magnetic latch

If you have a door that cannot be opened, embedding a magnet can quickly solve it. Just screw the countersunk magnet to the floor at the edge of the door, and then screw another to the door (if it is not magnetic yet). After the door is opened, it will latch on the magnet on the floor and remain intact. You can also use magnetic latches to keep kitchen cabinets or drawers and filing cabinets or storage cabinets closed. Indeed, anything can be opened or closed with a powerful neodymium sink magnet!

Hidden magnetic holder

Need a place to hide your family’s secret jewelry? Using a photo frame and some countersunk magnets, you can create a hidden compartment for additional storage. First, cut out or find a wooden frame that can fit inside the photo frame. Add a magnetic board behind the frame, and install a magnetic latch between the wooden frame and the photo frame. By adding paintings or pictures to the frame, any content added will remain hidden. You can use tack magnets to hang items.

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