The Characteristics of 3M Glue and How to Use It

Update:03 Aug 2020

3M Glue is more and more widely used in our daily life, and is used in more and more industries.

First, as a new type of adhesive tape, the most prominent feature of 3M glue is its adhesion.

Compared with ordinary adhesive paper, 3M adhesive has a much greater effect, whether it is mechanical or electronic, or the sticking of objects, 3M adhesive can play a role. With the continuous improvement of technology, 3M glue has more and different types, and is used in various industries. 3M glue can be used in the usual product joining, product sealing, and die-cut protective film gap filling.

Second, 3M glue is easy to use and can save costs.

Many adhesive tapes on the market now cannot be pasted twice. After using the adhesive tape once, it basically loses its stickiness. But 3M glue is different, it can be reused, and even if it is used twice, there is an absolute guarantee in viscosity. The new 3M adhesive tape also has a certain degree of conductivity. With the advancement of technology, the performance of the new 3M adhesive tape will become more and more perfect.

3M tapes can be classified into many types according to their materials, and the use range and methods of tapes of different materials will vary. Generally divided into foam substrate double-sided tape, PET substrate double-sided tape, substrate-free double-sided tape and non-woven fabric substrate double-sided tape.

When using 3M glue, there is a certain sticking technique. If you stick it casually in the usual way, not only will it not achieve the ideal bonding effect, but it will also be unsightly.

  1. Clean and dry the adhesive surface first. After the cleaning solvent dries, attach the tape to the adhesive surface. 3M glue is applied with pressure using a roller or other means to effectively bond. The bonding surface of 3M glue must be clean, dry, smooth and free of rust and oil stains. It must be properly polished first, and use a clean flannel to remove the rust, increase the micro-contact area and improve the bonding effect.
  2. Tear off the release paper of the tape, and then paste and press the material to be bonded to make it fit effectively. If air bubbles are generated, the pressing force should be increased, and the upper limit of the item's bearing capacity should be taken as the upper limit. During operation, fingers should be avoided from contact with the rubber surface. After pasting, press hard to ensure full contact of the rubber surface.
  3. Pay attention to the temperature when pasting. The operating temperature of 3M adhesive should not be lower than 10°C. When the temperature is too low, the initial adhesion of the tape will greatly decrease, which will lead to a longer curing time. If the temperature is too low, the bonding material and tape can be moved into a warm room for storage or heat treatment before operation. When bonding the tape, one end should be attached first, and then slowly pressed to the other end, which can reduce the generation of bubbles. Probability.
  4. For a small area of ​​adhesive: In order to achieve a good bonding effect, a certain pressure must be applied to the tape and the bonding surface to make the tape and the bonding surface fully contact. It is recommended to use a scraper or a roller. For large-area and long-span adhesives: In order to achieve a good bonding effect, a certain pressure must be applied to the tape and the bonding surface to make the tape and the bonding surface fully contact to increase the surface of the tape and the bonding object Contact, or evenly clamp with a jig to make the tape fully contact the surface of the adhesive.

In addition, since 3M glue is currently well-known in the tape industry, there are many fake and inferior products on the market. Consumers need to pay attention to distinguish the authenticity when buying Office Magnet.