Pot Magnet Maximum Working Temperature

Update:26 Nov 2021

Pot Magnet Function

Powerful rare-earth magnet: Made of a powerful rare earth neodymium magnet, the unique design makes the magnet located in the hard steel cup, thus providing excellent mechanical performance and durability. This neodymium magnet can firmly support 80 pounds, and if used on the underside, the pulling force is reduced by 50%.

Unlimited applications: perfect for quickly organizing your indoor and outdoor projects. These super magnets can be used for assembly of home, business and school, science projects, hobbies, garages, workshops, art project offices, crafts, prototypes, etc.

Easy to install: The screw head can be easily screwed into the wooden surface, and the screw head is flush with the magnet surface. The countersunk holes on the magnet can be well fixed on any surface with flat head screws.

High quality: nickel-copper-nickel (NI + CU + NI) three-layer coating, a coating available on the market, with excellent durability and resistance to pure neodymium oxidation.

Maximum Working Temperature:

Most Pot Magnets can be heated to 80°C without losing their magnetization (ferrite magnets and some higher CSN types). When continuously heated to this temperature, the adhesive connecting the magnet and the steel pot may become brittle. Therefore, it is recommended to use pot magnets only at room temperature.

Shear Force:

The indicated adhesion force is measured perpendicular to the surface to which the cup magnet should adhere. The strength required to move the magnet to the side is much less. Therefore, compared with using it on the ceiling, if it is used on the wall, the tension on the pot magnet can be reduced.

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