Permanent Magnet Components Manufacturer Introduces How To Use Strong Magnets Correctly

Update:25 Jan 2021

The scope of application of magnets in daily life is still relatively common. Magnets that are still widely used in practical applications are powerful. So, Permanent Magnet Components  Manufacturer will introduce what should be paid attention to when using powerful magnets?


1. Working environment: First of all, when using strong magnets, care must be taken to ensure that the surrounding area of ​​the magnet is in a good environment. At present, strong magnets have huge development potential in the market and are widely used. The thing to pay attention to when using magnets is that they should be neat and clean because strong magnets cannot work properly in a relatively harsh environment. Since iron filings or small particles are still not adsorbed, if the working environment is bad, the magnet will easily lose its magnetism, which will eventually shorten the service life. Therefore, keeping the working environment clean is one of the most important tasks for magnets.


2. Indoor environment This is another important point. Under normal circumstances, you should pay attention to the indoor environment when storing powerful magnets. To ensure that the indoor air is unblocked, and you cannot choose a humid place for storage, you must choose a dry environment. Powerful magnetic stickers are not only necessary for the working environment but also the indoor environment. Its indoor ambient temperature cannot exceed the working temperature of the magnet, and the unplated products can be properly oiled to prevent rust. When storing magnets, be sure to separate some sensitive magnets. And the storage environment must meet the standard.