Magnetic Hook Manufacturer Introduces The Principle Of The Two Poles Of The Magnet

Update:12 Jan 2021

Magnetic Hook manufacturer introduces the principle of the two poles of the magnet:

1. The part with strong magnetic force on the magnet is called the magnetic pole, and the magnet has two magnetic poles.

2. The two magnetic poles are close, sometimes repelling each other and sometimes attracting each other. The interaction between the two poles of the magnet is mutual. There are both magnetic force and intermolecular force between magnet molecules. The intermolecular force is far greater than the magnetic force. When the distance between the magnet molecules increases, the intermolecular force is reduced to disappear, and the magnetic force will appear.

① If it is a bar magnet, you can tie the middle of the magnet with a thin wire to hang the magnet so that the magnet is close to the level. When the magnet is stationary, the north end is the N pole and the south end is the S pole.
②If it is not a bar magnet, you can find a long iron rod to be attracted by the magnet along the two poles of the magnet, and then use a thin wire to test according to the above method.
③If it is a disc magnet, stack a few more pieces horizontally on the plane, and then look at the direction of the sun coming out. The square magnet is tied with a thin line on the side of the strong magnet, and it comes out according to the above method.