Advantages of Magnetic Hooks

Update:21 Aug 2020

Because the resources of the indoor working space are precious, it is important to realize a unique office style without wasting office resources. The use of small objects for the working environment is particularly important. Magnetic Hook is one of them.

For example, install a magnetic hook on the wall, which can hold folders or light clothes, and you can also use this magnetic hook to hang all kinds of decorative artworks or briefcases.

Once the traditional hook is installed, it will not only damage the wall, but also cannot move, the appearance of the magnetic hook can solve this problem. After laying a piece of metal on the wall, the magnetic hook can move freely within the range of the metal, which can handle many indoor space limitation problems. In addition, ordinary hooks usually cannot hang objects with excessive net weight, while the bearing capacity of magnetic hooks is much higher, which not only expands the application space of the working environment, but also makes it more convenient.

Magnetic hooks can be used not only in work environments, but also in bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms and many other places.

When using a magnetic hook, pay special attention not to leave it with other magnetic tools for a long time, as this will cause the magnetic hook or other magnetic tools to decrease and fail their original function. In addition, the magnetic hook is not suitable for being placed in a wet and cold natural environment, such as a bathroom or kitchen, which will reduce the service life of the magnetic hook.

Among all the magnetic hooks, the neodymium iron boron magnetic hook is a movable hook. Usually the NdFeB magnet hook is embedded in the shell base, usually connected to refrigerators, dryers and metal filled cabinets, mobile homes, tool boxes, workshop lockers, steel kitchen backdrops, magnetic whiteboards, steel shelves Or any other magnetic surface. The maximum weight supported by the NdFeB magnetic hook can be specifically determined. long magnetic hooks can effectively help organize tools, sports equipment, kitchen utensils, keys, gardening equipment, cables, wires, etc. very convenient.